The applications and software on this site have been developed with the busy homesteader, farmer, or hobbyist in mind. The applications are designed to allow you to enter and track data using the method of your choice. Some features that could be automated were left to be handled manually so that you could control how and when income, production, breeding and other information is entered and handled within the system.

Premium Applications

My Animal Manager

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My Animal Manager is an animal management system that is designed to assist with the organizing and record keeping of all or your animals. It includes a breeding section to provide for entry and reporting of important breeding activity and dates. For finances, there is an easy and clear method of tracking income and expenses related to one or a group of animals. Show records can be listed to keep track of the prize winning animals. Medical, feed, production, financial, contacts, breeding records and reports are included. Using the reports, breeding productivity, pregnancy, mortality, medical followups, due dates and financial, feed usage and productivity can be presented in a month by month comparison for current and prior years.
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My Garden Manager

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My Garden Manager is a software application designed for the gardener, homesteader, farmer, or hobbyist. This garden management system is designed to allow you to organize your garden planting and harvest items. You can enter and track data using the method of your choice. Records can be tracked to a group of plants, or down to an individual plant. The inventory and harvest area allows for any planted item to be entered. You can also enter custom items such as salsa, soup, preserves, and any other item you can grow, make, or store.
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Free Applications

Printable Month Calendar This app can be used to generate a planning calendar for a selected month and year.

Pearson's Square This app can be used to calculate the correct quantities of feed to mix together to obtain a specific protein percentage.

Hatch Chart Schedule This app can be used to produce a simple printable schedule for incubation of eggs. It can be used with chicken, ducks, turkeys, quail, etc... It will provide a checklist that can be used daily to track temperatures, humidity, and egg turning. It will be the most useful when using an incubator that does not have an automatic egg turner.

Free Record Keeping Forms

Use these forms to improve your small farm or homesteading operation with better record keeping. Good record keeping can save your operation time and money.

Free Record Keeping Forms

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